27 September, 2020

U.S. Coast Guard imported Cruise Ships for caring Infected Traveller during COVID-19

The U.S. Coast Guard has imported passenger vessels with sick travellers to directly free U.S. ports and prepares to care for patients on the board. It was done indefinitely for their vessels or to sought aid from some other countries.

On 29 March, a marine safety information bulletin occurred, in which, the Coast Guard of United States said that the regional medical resources are in strain due to the emergency departures from such passenger vessels.

The story reported that “It is essential as the medical facilities at the shoreside can reach maximum range, and it would become difficult to take other patients and treat them effectively who are critically ill and special need care.

Coast Guard Rear Admiral EC Jones signed the rules officially and will apply on any passenger vessel that is carrying folks above 50. These rules are applied on the districts of Coast Guard, including Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and South Carolina.

The release used the port of Miami as an instance, which was getting flooded because of corona pandemic. It would be likely no longer prepared for taking those patients from offshore who are in a critical situation.

“For instance, in the Miami port, Medical facilities are no longer admitting MEDEVAC patients because the capacity of the hospital is limited. According to the letter, it is supposed that other close divisions will follow suit.”

The foreign-flagged or imported vessels mostly contain those vessels which are registered in the countries such as Bahamas, Panama and other countries. However, all these vessels were owned by the cruise companies of the U.S.

The release targets them immediately, and wrote that “the imported vessels that drag beyond the U.S. territorial seas, especially those that require a MEDEVAC to a shoreside department, i.e. registered to the Bahamas, must endeavour flag state assistance before asking support from the restrained facilities in the U.S.”

Now, the record orders those ships to ask medical care in the stated where they are being registered, rather than depending on the medical services of the U.S.

Since, from 14 March, the cruise ship industry is yet under a 30 days lockdown stopping all journeys from the U.S., several ships prevail at sea from before the halt.

Miami Herald first reported the document and said that about 17 ships are edged up at two ports and more than 12 other distances offshore. These two ports include Miami Port and Everglades Port.

At this stage, a move comes from Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida State, who drove back on calls to release more than 1,000 people to debark from the Zaandam. In Zaandam, about 200 passengers were marked as suspected from corona and almost four have died at that time.

The Coast Guard must be consulted by the cruise ships before evacuating a sick passenger for treatment at the ports. It will be done under consideration if the shifting is important and if sufficient medical resources will be given to the passenger.

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