21 April, 2021

The Atlas Ocean Voyages Launches Special Full Max Shore Schedules

The Atlas Ocean Voyages Launches Special Full Max Shore Schedules

Atlas Ocean Voyages revealed two new luxe-adventure schedules because their unique Max Shores are very popular. The itineraries feature “vacations-within-vacations”, which are quite immersive and appreciative.

Perceptive and seasoned tourists can prefer World Navigator’s two new 24-night Max Shore programs, leaving August 4, 2021, from the most genuine and enchanting stops including Odessa, Ukraine, to the Black, Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Seas.

Guests will visit at 19 ports in seven states and pick one of two polite three-night, inland excursions, mid-voyage, into the well-known hubs of Europe and Asia and the centre of the Anatolian peninsula.

All guest are entertained with the air and land transport in harmony with Atlas All-Inclusive with style. Hotels feed, and drinks are also involved in Max Shore voyages all-around World Navigator. Remember that the line has constructed new small expedition ship introducing in July 2021.

According to the President of Atlas Ocean Voyages, Alberto Aliberti, “The feedback on our first Max Shore itineraries was unbelievable as one selling was made in initial weeks.” All these Max Shore itineraries are excellent for tourists who are looking for an all-inclusive, leisure practice to explore prehistoric archaeological places, novel landscapes and real adventures of the Black Sea and Turkey.

Travellers can opt between two interesting Max Shore itineraries: One is Magical Cappadocia, Russia to Israel or Hidden Histories and second is the Pamukkale Hot Springs. When World Navigator reaches in Istanbul, Turkey, every Max Shore starts on a ninth day.

On these Max Shore adventures, guests have the excellent chance to get to the top in a hot-air balloon for a pleasant and perfect drive over Geröme or Pamukkale, frequently noticed in social media.

The Cappadocia Max Shore concentrates on the excellence of the Turkish country; however, the Pamukkale Max Shore will spot little-known relics and the Salt Springs. At Kepez, Turkey, Guests later join World Navigator. On the other hand, guests of Max Shore can opt to stay overseas World Navigator and experience admiring local Istanbul shore trips for three days.

Guests on Magical Cappadocia relish the first day touring Istanbul’s marquee places and appeal, given with a dervish dinner entertainment. A fleet flight will draw guests into the gateway to Cappadocia, the Kayseri, where they will traverse this charming, semi-arid geological area.

Experienced, interested, cheerful, and vibrant travellers will get an agreement with Atlas Ocean Voyages. It is an all-inclusive, luxury cruise mark, determined by a simplistic and pure tone. It will provide real, once-in-a-lifetime ventures in the world’s most unique and exclusive destinations aboard the anew built, reliable, clean and green, tiny expedition ship.

In summer 2021, it will cruise 7 to 24-night plans in the Black and Mediterranean Seas, the Holy Land. After that, in winter 2021/22, 9 to 13-night itineraries are set in South America and Antarctica.

World Navigator, which is about to launch in July 2021, provides 98 luxe sets and rooms, all with a seaside view and most of them hold a private balcony. Atlas Ocean Voyages is also dedicated to maintaining the beautiful vicinities and waters that its vessels tour for scheduled ages to enjoy.


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