12 July, 2020

Meet the man who has lived on a cruise ship for 13 years

Let me tell you the story about a man called Morton Jablin, he’s 93 years old and you’re about to become envious of his lifestyle!

For the past 13 years he’s been living aboard a cruise ship.

When his wife Charlotte passed away 13 years ago, Jablin made the cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator his home. And while he still has a condo in Florida to keep his “stuff” and to qualify for health benefits and Social Security, it has been three years since he last visited it.

“I couldn’t achieve this lifestyle anywhere else,” he told Forbes magazine. “The crew is overly gracious and kind to me. I can’t think of enough good adjectives. They are unbelievable.”

He sounds like one happy camper — or sailor.

You can find out more about Morton and what how he lives his life on Seven Seas Navigator by visiting this article at Forbes.com.

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