14 May, 2021

Luxurious Adventure through Atlas Ocean Voyages

Atlas Ocean Voyages is the first vessel that will launch in 2021, allowing immersive programs to far-flung ends.

Plus, the Atlas Ocean Voyages is a unique title in the business, but the firm has a long history in its cruise culture and administrative management.

The Fort Lauderdale-based industry is a supplemental Mystic Invest Holding, a global travel and entertainment firm that keeps and serves a large river journey fleet across Europe (EU).

Going up the unique line is Alberto Aliberti. He directed the strategic expansion and commercial services at Mystic Invest and its river cruise industry, Douro-Azul, for almost 15 years and also operated management settings at Cunard and the Sea-bourn.

Managing the trade front as vice chairman of sales and trade unions is Brandon Townsley, who has served at Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and plenty of other cruise businesses.

Adventurous Experiences:

The centre for Atlas will be a trustworthy, dynamic, and adventuresome experience in far-flung targets, comprising Central and South America, the Baltic, the Mediterranean, and Antarctica.

Aliberti concluded that the industry as contributing a Luxurious Venture, ranging from diving out of planes to glamping and more flexible adventure exercises.

The first ship, World Navigator, is under development and scheduled to start in mid-2021, giving 7 to 15-night programs in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, bypassing big-ship-ports when feasible.

Similarly, there will be one more vessel in 2022 and the other two in 2023, each will carry 186 travellers. All these ships will be polar competent.

Onboard Community:

Townsley told a fundamental differentiator for Atlas will be producing an onboard society among customers and crew members. The most important job will be choosing the right crew member, who will be selected for their characters and experience to engage with customers, he stated. Dining place servers, for example, will talk to tourists about their programs and help them with their choices.

Atlas is starting a website this month that will be informative initially with scheduling becoming possible.

We prefer to do anything creatively, so our platform will be approaching toward training travel advisors to address them better salespeople and to give information on how to sell certain ends, Townsley stated. While we wish to discipline them on our stock, the platform would be modelled more toward an expert representation.

Magnanimous Commissions:

An e-commerce website would be accessible, except air will be commissionable if scheduled before the journey, Townsley told. While the website will have e-commerce abilities, the business will not sell proactively to customers, he declared.

The advisor fee list will be hospitable, answered Townsley, with advisors capable of taking to the 15 % level immediately and revocation fines commissionable at 10 %.

Best Sales Tips:

Considered customers differ in age from 35 to 70 years old. They have an enthusiasm for sailing and venture but typically bypass cookie-cutter visitor activities.

Journeys will hold such actions as spending a twilight on a kibbutz in Israel and skiing in Zermatt for several days before a journey.

Possibilities are those who would have before voyaged on luxury vessels but considered there was not sufficient venture and desired more of a community feeling.

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