21 April, 2021

Cruising to Antarctica one with four Excursion Ships

If you’re an active traveller who flourishes in extreme and looking for an adventure with less stress on the physical rigours of an expedition, an Antarctic journey will not be less than inquisitive.

At Hurtigruten, the exploration style satisfies the demands of visitors who value knowledge and personal growth more than excessive enjoyment. The guests will value synergies with nature and wildlife, which is so much bigger than themselves because it encourages them to put life into perspective.

Plus, the expedition vessels cruising to Antarctica is specially designed for those who fancy a more active expedition-style excursion. So, MS Fram, MS Midnatsol, and the latest ships MS Fridtjof Nansen and MS Roald Amundsen, have their character. And share one thing in general that all are custom-built to help as a perfect basecamp for your venture.

MS Fram holds a prestigious legacy as a leading expedition ship and is a real preference in the Hurtigruten fleet, among staff and travellers and authentic Antarctica ventures.

The MS Frames contain in-depth explorations, cruising inside the Antarctic Circle and venturing far into the iced down and unnavigable regions in wintertime. Such areas are typically unreachable by larger ships because of the ice circumstances and time of year.

Similarly, On MS Midnatsol, you will not be able to conquer extreme parts to enjoy an adventurous and genuinely up-close Antarctica. Instead, you will explore comfort where hands-on activities, learning, and communication with Antarctica’s pristine shores and ice-filled waterways. And it is the basis for attaching with your inner adventurer.

Excursions on MS Midnatsol are gratified to those with a true spirit of the journey with all itineraries beginning and ending in Puntas Arenas. Of these, you will travel the deep fjords of Chile, tour Cape Horn, and then view Antarctica’s highlights.

Besides, the MS Roald Amundsen and her alike sister vessel MS Fridtjof Nansen will also be a comfortable base camp at sea. Onboard entertainment and dining will be top class, with three swimming pools and excellent Norwegian dining on presentation.

Great of all, MS Roald Amundsen is the first company ship ever to travel with electric hybrid technology. And it will decrease fuel consumption by about 20 % and allow the vessel to cruise on 100% electric power for up to half an hour. And it is also allowing you to encounter the wonder of Antarctica in near-total reticence.

Journeys on MS Roald Amundsen travel the Falkland Islands, Chilean Fjords, and cruise south of the Antarctic Circle is a milestone that few passengers enter.

Moreover, the passenger will receive an onboard learning program, such as the Lecture program on biology, geology, history, and the Arctic treaty since 2018. The passengers can also benefit from the Science Centre, Photography studio, and morning yoga.

Alike the great explorers who tiled the way into these southern shores before you, climate, wind, ice, and local provisions will define the exact nature of your plan and schedule.

Despite which ship you prefer, every journey is unique, and you will observe awe-inspiring views and landscapes that reside as consistent as the day man first fixed sights upon them.

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