6 June, 2020

Cruise ship forced to return to Sydney after onboard argument

A three day cruise on board P&O’s Pacific Explorer from Sydney had a delayed start when it had to return around and head back to port after an onboard argument got out of hand.

A 37-year old Russian woman has been charged with allegedly glassing a 21-year-old man with an empty wine bottle during an argument

New South Wales Police say a fight broke out early on Sunday morning between several men on board the ship after an argument about a toilet line queue.

During the fight, the 37-year-old woman, who is the partner of one of the men, allegedly hit the 21-year-old man on the head with the empty wine bottle, causing a laceration.

Police said ship security separated the men and they were detained.

P&O Cruises said it asked the NSW Police Marine Area Command to come to the ship yesterday morning as a “result of their behaviour on board overnight”.

“This is in line with our strict policy of zero tolerance of excessive behaviour that affects the safety, comfort and enjoyment of other guests. While these occurrences are rare, we have no hesitation in taking strong action when necessary to adhere to this policy,” a P&O spokesman said in a written statement.

P&O said the group removed will no longer be able to travel with P&O Cruises or any of its associated brands.

Pacific Explorer is due to return to Sydney tomorrow to complete its voyage.



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    Absolutely! As long as the drink package covers all drinks under $18.00 And then discounted over that. Drink packages they do not cover water or coffee drinks should be reconsidered.

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