6 June, 2020

It’s official, a cruise holiday is good for your health.

If you ever needed another reason to book a cruise, a recent study has revealed that cruising is good for your health, long-term happiness and can even help you to build better relationships.

Researchers have even proved that going on a cruise can have long-term health benefits that may last up to six months.

So, if you’ve ever come back from holiday feeling refreshed only for that to be short-lived, then you’re going on the wrong holiday.

According to Jiaying Lyu, an associate professor at Zhejiang University, “cruise experience has three dimensions, namely, emotional experience, relational experience and thinking experience”.

The study, published in the International Journal of Tourism research, tested 317 people who were invited to take a questionnaire after going on a cruise.

The tourists tested were from a range of backgrounds and ages, as well as travelling on a range of cruise lines to different locations.

These results were compared against the findings of 295 people who had taken a cruise some six months earlier. The outcome was truly outstanding.

Those who go on a cruise holiday will enhance the ‘relationship’ part of their brains, as onboard a ship you are constantly interacting with friends and family, as well as meeting and making friends with new people.

The ‘emotional’ part of the brain targets our emotions such as joy and happiness. Cruising can have a positive affect on the brain by inspiring happiness and excitement, whilst minimising negative feelings such as worry and stress in the short-term.

The ‘thinking’ part of your brain is also expanded by constantly seeing new places. The research suggests that going on a cruise is better for your wellbeing than a one-destination holiday, as most cruises make multiple stops giving you ample time to experience different cultures.

Even more extraordinary, the positive effects of a cruise holiday can linger up to six months.

Liu concluded: “In the short term, happiness from cruise travel is created mainly through emotional and relational experiences.

“Conversely, the long-term perceived happiness of cruising is largely derived from the thinking experience”.

That means our long-term happiness derived from cruising is due to our thinking part of the brain, which comes from travelling to new destinations.

Liu also said, “travel is a meaningful activity by which individuals gain something important and valuable in life.

“It affirms self worth and price, facilitates self growth and self motivation and searches for inspiration and creation”.

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    Can’t wait to step aboard symphony of seas in sept 2018 exciting time with 6 friends

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