14 May, 2021

Costa Cruises Reviews its 2021 Programs


As Costa Cruises slowly reopens sailing, it’s changed its courses for April by November 2021 to expand its services across the Mediterranean and revert to Northern Europe (NEU).

Exact programs aren’t still available as Costa is engaging with local and national authorities on executing safety protocols for all destinations to be sailed.

As the firms have discontinued service for all other ships across the fleet until September. 30, 2020. Costa said that it has still regularly monitor things, to allow different itineraries commencing in October with an increasing number of vessels.

Costa Cruises has to restart cruising from Italian harbours after the government allowed the health protocols associated with the resumption of excursions.

The regular return of services now starts on the Costa Deliziosa because it gives weekly journeys from Trieste to stops in Greece.

Costa Cruises is collectively working with Italian officials for the stops to make sure a dependable and well-organized reinforcement of the new protocols, in close collaboration with the health executives and native officials.

The cruise business will reveal more features regarding the Costa Deliziosa and Costa Diadema programs in the upcoming dates.

To fight the continuing coronavirus outbreak, Costa Cruises has improved the Costa Safety Protocol for its line, comprising new operating methods in the industry with the health protocols established by the Italian administration and European Union governments.

Moreover, the Costa Safety rules could be a complete set of measures and methods in response to the COVID-19 condition, regarding all phases of the cruise adventure, both onboard and beached.

Additionally, until fall 2021, three vessels are going to be stationed every day across the Western Mediterranean, Costa Smeralda, and the first vessel throughout the line powered by liquified natural gas. While the Costa Firenze is the new vessel under development at Fincantieri’s yard nearby Venice, Italy, and Costa Pacifica that can give seven-day journeys calling in Italy, Spain, and France.

Three vessels will command week-long programs across the Eastern Mediterranean (EM). Costa Deliziosa will also head for the Greek islands. Costa Luminosa will tour Greece and Croatia, as well as the Costa Magica, will move to Malta and Greece.

Similarly, during the 2021 summertime season, four vessels will travel in Northern Europe (NEU). In comparison, the Costa Fortuna and Costa Diadema will travel one-week voyages to the Baltic metropolia and the Norwegian fjords, individually.

Costa Favolosa also allows 14-day vacations in Iceland, 9-days throughout the Norwegian fjords, and a 14-day journey in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Likewise, the Costa Fascinosa will serve a 12-day trip to the North Cape and a 9-day course in the Baltic Sea as well.

Furthermore, during the spring and autumn 2021, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Diadema, Costa Fortuna, and Costa Favolosa, will all explore in the Mediterranean region. Plus, the Costa Diadema would tour Israel and Turkey on two alternating two-week journeys.

Besides, the Costa Fortuna will grant Western Mediterranean (WM) mini-cruises, while Costa Favolosa would also provide its services during the springtime and 10-day voyages to Morocco in the autumn. Costa Fascinosa would also travel 10-day vacations bound for Lisbon.

Additional journeys previously registered between March and November 2021 and not incorporated in the new plans are going to be suspended. Costa announced it well to notify travel agents and passengers.

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