27 September, 2020

Coronavirus: Passenger Crashes Occur on Hurtigruten and Paul Gauguin

When two cruise lines, Hurtigruten and Paul Gauguin, had resumed services and reported coronavirus outbreaks amidst passengers and team, the global cruise industry took a step backwards by this weekend.

The Hurtigruten line in Norway and the Paul Gauguin line in French Polynesia had resumed services with clearly placed out health and protection guidelines for both passengers and team members. Three ships of Hurtigruten, Roald Amundsen, Fridtjof Nansen and MS Spitsbergen, has ceased all tourists journeys that were scheduled.

As there was no much information about the cause of the corona pandemic, as clear from the outbreak, so the first method of safety was to stop its spread among those who do not show clear symptoms or live together in closed places.


In the report, from Roald Amundsen, 36 team members have corona in their swab samples and hence declared corona positive. Among these cases, four were confirmed first, and the total amount received after Hurtigruten tested the whole team. According to the line’s website, five passengers are corona positive till now, while the remaining 122 crew members are tested corona negative.

From 17 June, Hurtigruten restarted cruises to make its first sea cruise line to return to work after the corona pandemic made a global cessation in March. The cruise line that also operates a shipping service on the Norwegian coast had checked the first sailings to Norwegian and Danish travellers.

In Tromso, a Norway city over the Arctic Circle, Reuters proclaimed the line let the 178 travellers on board to debark Roald Amundsen. Svalbard, located in the north of the world, has no medical facilities with the populated archipelago, the ship had been retreating from a 24 July Arctic voyage to it.

The passenger and crew members from the current voyage have been quarantined, the Norwegian paper reports. At the same time, those passengers who took the 17 July cruise have been traced and contacted by the FHI (Norwegian Institute of Public Health). According to the press report of Norwegian, around 69 municipalities affected due to corona outbreak in Norway.

Paul Gauguin

All passengers to French Polynesia, who wants to enter the country, are obligated to do COVID-19 tests in three days of their journey and give negative results before entry. Paul Gauguin, the cruise ship, also asks travellers to show the test results, except tenants and visitors who were inhabitant in Polynesia for two weeks.

Although, the ship found a positive coronavirus case on its very earliest journey open to foreign guests that left Papeete, Tahiti, on 29 July on a 10-night course; Paul Gauguin had restarted services in July with only local travellers.

The line reported that the positive corona patient was 22-year-old American who was travelling with her mother and had no clear symptoms. At the time of leaving the U.S., she was corona negative but onboard, the coronavirus was detected in her swab.

The French cruise line owns the Paul Gauguin that also has continued voyages in France. This small cruise line possessed a precise listing of health and safety methods.


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