21 April, 2021
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Always Inspect whether Your Insurance still Cover Your Cruise or Not

For most of the cruisers, an intuitive feeling is the purchasing of trip insurance for a cruise and especially in unpredictable periods. However, some users are reading and getting lousy feedback from some insurance providers who are no more covering the uncertain pauses and cancellation of their cruise vacations.

At the end of August, a step taken by Allianz Travel Insurance Company is that they are removing new bookings of many cruise lines from their list. Crystal Cruises, Windstar and American Queen Steamboat Company the cruise lines illuminated.

More interestingly, it is inevitable that whenever the insurance companies refuse to give coverage to a travel provider, it enforces the insurer to consider that the Cruise Company or Line is running into financial problems.

But, in the case of Allianz Insurance Company, this is not the reason, as they stated by Allianz representative. He said that “Inclusion on or exclusion from our Covered Supplier List of a Travel Supplier is not a footnote on or a review of that supplier, financial or else”.

“Also, as stated, there are distinct terms, restraints, and exclusions to coverage that apply to our policies, so we forever would assist customers in reading their policy for details and in reaching us with queries about their particular situations.”

Allianz gives coverage for several important cruise lines purveying to Americans, including Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Viking and many more.

At times, the insurers state that not active on the list doesn’t significantly figure out as a vote of non-confidence upon the financial well-being of a firm, begetting it eliminated doesn’t encourage trust for the travelling people. It is especially valid at a moment when cruisers require confirmation that their cruise vacation securities are fair.

According to a spokesperson of Allianz, “Our travel coverage plans normally include unexpected covered causes that occur during trip cancellations or delays, travel interruptions, medical and health emergencies, and others. These directed to the plan’s terms, conditions and omissions”.

“Some plans cover a chiefly occurred cause for trip cancellation/interruption because of the customer’s travel supplier stopping all services due to its financial circumstance. One of the circumstances for that occurred cause is that the supplier must be covered on our Covered Supplier List as of the customer’s plan’s active time.”

Practically, customers would be protected for tour interruptions and cancellations on those cruise lines that are affected. But, the only condition where customers are not covered is when the cruise line gets bankrupt.

The company’s recommendations about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic also looks at what is recognized in the insurance business as “a known event.”

A statement seen on the Allianz website noted that “Travel insurance is meant to cover impairments resulting from unexpected circumstances”. “Any calls emerging from events are known to you when buying your insurance are not included.”

Whenever an event displays “known” is mainly at the consideration of the insurance provider. In the case of Allianz, it counted COVID-19 to be a known event as of 11 March 2020. People who bought insurance ere this date would have their trips protected if they were cancelled because of COVID-19.


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