Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Cruise Follower Podcast: Episode 1

David brings you the latest from the Celebrity Edge naming ceremony. PLUS find out why some people are questioning Carnival's choice for the name of their next cruise ship.

Meet the man who has lived on a cruise ship for 13 years

While he still has a condo in Florida to keep his “stuff” and to qualify for health benefits and Social Security, it has been three years since he last visited it.

Virgin Voyages new Miami Cruise terminal is going to be EPIC!

Virgin Voyages are upping the ante once more as they announce their new tropical themed terminal at Port Miami.

The Cruise Follower Podcast – launches December 7

Today we are able to announce that our newest adventure is beginning. The Cruise Follower Podcast is coming December 7th. Cruise Follower started nearly 4...

Women finds Cruise Ship friend 12 years later

It's the story of  a woman known only as Brianna who took to Twitter to see if she could find a girl she met on a cruise to Hawaii some 12 years earlier. 

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